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Anti-explosion Double-layer Oil Tank
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Product: Views:181Anti-explosion Double-layer Oil Tank 
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Last updated: 2017-09-30 11:29
XAB double tank(full name of steel reinforced glass fiber double tank)inside the tank for the steel tank,Website:://.anson-cn.com, outside the tank for the glass steel tank, inside and outside the glass fiber reinforced hollow layer.XAB double tank ground state, the main tank body under external pressure, although the outside pressure directly on the outside on the outside of the tank, but stress were from outside of the tank synchronous transfer to the tank, tank is not mainly to keep part of the structural strength.PRODUCT  STRUCTUREPRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS MODELQuality AssuranceQuality AssuranceQuality AssuranceXAB-SCSF-102100×3586×23002.4XAB-SCSF-152100×5248×23003.2XAB-SCSF-202100×4410×23004.1XAB-SCSF-252100×5460×23004.9XAB-SCSF-302100×6510×23005.4XAB-SCSF-402100×8600×23006.5XAB-SCSF-502100×10100×23007.6XABDOUBLE LAYER OIL TANK FEATURESSafety ·Using 6mm thick Q235-B to manufacture the inner tank, compared with the ordinary 5mm thickness of the single layer tank, the strength greatly improved; ·Strength the glass fiber outer tank,the thickness of 4.0mm; the compressive strength is good; has a strong corrosion resistance. ·Double-layer between the tank walls with a unique process technology to 0.1mm of clearance from the real-time control of the use of tanks;·Leak Detector 24-hour real-time monitoring, to eliminate leakage from security vulnerabilities.Environment Protection ·Double-layer construction with 0.1mm clearance from the outer layer of the FRP leakage and will not directly leakage of contaminated soil and water resources; ·The outer layer if the FRP ANCHOR and groundwater, salt water will not produce electrolytic corrosion factor of the phenomenon; ·Leak detector can be monitored 24 hours; ·Leakage detection system to facilitate testing and maintenance, protect the ecological environment of soil and water;·To the environment effective protection, avoids the later period high quate the environmental protection expense;Economy ·The life of the tank at least 30 years, is an ordinary tanks for 5-10 times; ·Easy to install, deadlines, the cost low-input short; ·Remote monitoring systems and periodic detection everyday convenience, digital control and avoid a complex operation manual; ·The tank is an ordinary maintenance requirements of the Tank 1/10, saving maintenance costs;·The use of oil tanks and the normal performance compared with larger increase, so as to ensure the efficient use of equipment, product quality and price ratio.XAB DOUBLE TANK (FRP) COMPARED WITH OUTER MATERIAL TANK PERFORMANCE TABLEMaterialFRP Outside FRPOutside the steelConcreteIntensityDouble-layer structure, impact resistance, good vibration resistanceWhen after the corrosion, strenght of the gradual reductionStrength is big, but easy to broken, poor strength raliability.Corrosion Resistanceis not easy to be corrodedEasy to corrodeAnti-corrosiveThe electric erosion resistanceElectric insulator, anti-electric corrosion performanceEasily by electric corrosionNo corrosionProduct weightLight weightHeavy great weightHeavy great weightUseful life30 years10 years10 years